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May 2010 Archives

Social Networking Sites Creating Issues for Georgia Divorces

Social media sites are great ways for people to connect with old friends and even make new ones. With attracting over 600,000 new users each day, these sites are popular places for individuals worldwide to share their ideas, collaborate with colleagues and even create or maintain romantic relationships. But are people providing too much information on their profiles, some attorneys say yes.

Tiger Woods' Wife Now Seeks $750M in High-Asset Divorce Case

According to a recent report released by New York Daily News on Saturday, Elin Nordegren, the wife of embattled golf star Tiger Woods, is seeking a $750 million settlement in their high-asset divorce case. Furthermore, Nordegren has abandoned her bid for joint child custody and is now seeking sole guardianship of the couple's children, daughter Sam, 3, and son Charlie, 15 months. This marks a drastic change from a few weeks ago when the couple agreed to work out an international dual-custody agreement for their children.

U.S. Supreme Court Rules on International Child Custody Case

The Unites States Supreme Court recently delivered an interesting opinion dealing with issues of child custody and international law. The main issue to be addressed by the court was the precise meaning of "ne exeat" clauses in child custody orders.

High-Asset Divorce at Core of Fayette County Judges' Resignations

The Fayette County Superior Court has been rocked recently by allegations of judicial misconduct that have led to the resignations of two judges: Chief Judge Paschal A. English, Jr. and Judge Johnnie L. Caldwell Jr. Many of the allegations were made public after complaints of sexual harassment and conflict of interest in the high-asset divorce case of Crook v. Crook.

The Standing Order in Georgia Divorce Actions

When a domestic relations action is filed in Georgia a "standing order" is generally issued by the superior court where the plaintiff has filed the action. In a divorce proceeding, a standing order prevents either party from removing the parties' children from the jurisdiction, harassing or stalking each other, or from selling or otherwise disposing of the parties' marital property, among other things.

Parenting Plans

Pursuant to O.C.G.A. § 19-9-1, as of January 1, 2008, a parenting plan is required for permanent custody and modification actions and in the judge's discretion may be required for temporary hearings. A parenting plan may be submitted, individually or jointly, for approval by the court. A parenting plan shall include among other things, where and when a child will be in each parent's physical care, designating which parent the child will spend each day of the year; how holidays, special occasions and vacations will be divided, transportation arrangements and costs, and an allocation of decision-making authority regarding the child's education, health, extra-curricular activities, and religious upbringing.

Sole Child Custody Granted to Denise Richards

The divorce between actors Charlie Sheen and Denise Richards ended 4 years ago, but details regarding their divorce and child custody arrangements are still in flux. Their Hollywood marriage included the birth of 2 daughters. Upon the marriage's end, the couple shared legal custody of the girls, but now that has changed.

Court Holds for Grandmother in Adoption-Child Custody Dispute

After an emotional battle, the Georgia Court of Appeals held in favor of a grandmother's adoption of her grandchild, the legality of which was disputed by the child's former foster parents. In the unusual dispute, both the grandmother and the foster parents sought to be legally considered the state's first choice to be granted permanent child custody.

Involved Fathers Three Times Likelier to Pay Their Child Support

According to David Harris, director of the Georgia Fatherhood Program, parents who are regularly involved with their children are three times better at making their child support payments than those who have little or no contact with their children.

Grounds for Divorce in Georgia

Many people decide they would like to obtain a divorce from their spouse after learning of an affair. However, few people realize that their own behavior can affect their ability to obtain a divorce on the grounds of adultery. In Georgia, there are several grounds for divorce, including both "adultery" and "irreconcilable differences."

Facebook Statuses Changing Status Quo of Divorce Process

According to Georgia's The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Facebook and other social networking sites have become more than leisurely pastimes. As it turns out, those status updates everyone is constantly sharing with their friends and family could come back to haunt them during a divorce or custody dispute.

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