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| Apr 16, 2010 | Firm News |

Our attorneys of The Siemon Law Firm are excited to introduce you to our new blog! We believe this is an exciting opportunity to connect with readers in Fulton County and surrounding Georgia by sharing family law information that affects the lives of our community members every day.

Law in itself might seem like a topic far removed from us, but it often winds up playing a significant role in the course of our lives. The more you understand law, the less scared and anxious you will be when a life-changing decision regarding the future of your family must be made through a legal process. In order to prepare and arm you for that possibility, we will regularly post stories involving the following topics:

  • Divorce, including high-asset divorce
  • Father’s rights
  • Child custody

Read. Learn. Share. Write! Please post your opinions, questions, insight and suggestions to the blog, as meeting your needs and expectations is always our priority at The Siemon Law Firm. This forum is meant to connect us to and serve our community members, so your participation in the blog is pivotal to its success and value.

If you have specific questions regarding a family law issue you are facing, feel free to contact a lawyer directly to discuss your case. Decisions regarding divorce, custody issues and the financial implications such actions have are life-changing and deserving of nothing less than top-quality legal representation.

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