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How do I know if my children are doing well after my divorce?

Marital breakups across the country, including in Georgia, are certainly not cookie-cutter events. That is, divorce in one instance might seem entirely devoid of drama or any material issues at all when viewed from a post-split perspective, with the parting in another case being drama personified.

Testing the fathers' rights hypothesis of unfairness toward men

It’s certainly no secret in the terrain of family law: Men -- many males, indeed -- believe without doubt that courts are typically predisposed against their interests and far too often side with women almost instinctively.

Adjoining states, markedly differing alimony regimes

As we have noted in past select blog posts, the singular nature in which the United States is laid out -- 50 states, each with its own government and state enactments on matters from A to Z -- makes for some interesting and material differences in legal outcomes across state lines.

Man jailed for falling behind in spousal support

There are certainly some situations in which individuals in Alpharetta should get alimony: when one spouse makes far more or has a much higher earning potential than the other, alimony may be a helpful tool to make sure the spouse who earns less is not immediately thrown into poverty by his or her divorce. Granted, alimony, which is also known as spousal support, should be awarded with care, as changing how much is owed in spousal support can be quite difficult.

Divorce and alimony: The 21st century is not, well, the 1960s

The historical alimony paradigm in Georgia and throughout the rest of the country has often been noted and explained. Imagine -- and many younger persons and couples really can't -- a bygone time when in an overwhelming number of cases husband/dad worked all day outside the house and brought back the family check, while wife/mom stayed home tending to the chores and children, solidly ensconced in domestic duties and relying totally on her mate to keep the family financially afloat.

Men following divorce: for many, a process of recovery

It is often remarked that men have different issues and concerns during the divorce process than their soon-to-be former wives. Concerns of divorcing men who are also fathers often focus on child custody and visitation, as well as child support and perhaps alimony. Many men who have gone through the divorce process have stated that they felt uncomfortable and lacking in confidence when dealing with judges and the legal process, feeling at times as though they were a disadvantaged party in the divorce proceeding.

Man 32 years in arrears on alimony; case before state Supreme Court

A case involving a judicial spousal support order following a Georgia divorce decades ago was recently before the state's Supreme Court, with justices expected to make a final ruling on the matter sometime this summer.

Increasingly, women are the higher wage earner, need protections

It would be far from uncommon for most readers to simply assume that if one of the parties comprising a couple is insisting upon the execution of a prenuptial agreement prior to marriage, it is likely the male partner. The answer would likely remain the same for a clear majority of readers if they were asked which partner is on the paying end in most cases of alimony following divorce.

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