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Georgia residents: when careers get in the way of relationships

Working through the decision to separate can be very emotional. For those Georgians who are contemplating getting a divorce, mediation could be a good thing to look into in order to ease the process. Actor Russell Crowe recently announced his split from wife Danielle Spencer and his separation is giving some people cause to wonder if it wasn't their busy and demanding careers that helped drive the parting. Crowe was reportedly on a different continent from his wife when the media reported their separation. The couple has been married for nine years. This particular celebrity split may feel more relevant to some who have their own career/relationship conflicts.

Georgian parents: getting through the holidays single again

Wintertime is often regarded by folks in Georgia and elsewhere as either a magical time or a dreaded time. There are few who are on the fence about it, but some newly single parents may find themselves leaning toward the dreaded time this year. It can be difficult to get through the season being jolly when you're still trying to figure out how to be a co-parent in your new family dynamic, but understanding the foundation of your child custody situation can help you plan to make the new holiday traditions not so scary for you and your kids this year.

How soon is too soon for Klum and bodyguard to seal the deal?

It's rarely easy to go through it divorce, but to go through one in the public eye? Only a select few know how that feels. Georgians may have heard about one recent celebrity couple's split: Heidi Klum and singer Seal ended their marriage earlier this year after nearly seven years of being married to each other. The fashion model opened up recently about her new relationship with long-time family bodyguard and the public is not the only one who has reacted strongly.

Children of divorce and the new roles they could be put in

Coping with a divorce is never easy and the difficulties are only magnified when there are children involved. For residents in Georgia and elsewhere, knowing some appropriate ways to be a divorcee and a parent at the same time can help ease the stress of the situation. While children may remind a parent of their ex spouse, it can be very detrimental to their growth and healing as well as the parent's if they were to lean a little too much on the children for support. Knowing how to talk with them about what is happening and where to draw the line could help someone who is overwhelmed by the whole process.

Information About the Georgia Fatherhood Program

The tough economy continues to hit people all across Georgia, making it hard to make ends meet. Many non-custodial parents are having trouble finding employment with a livable wage, and many are getting behind on their child support.

Does Getting a Divorce Doom Your Children to Failed Marriages?

A recent story in CNN Living suggests that the answer may be an emphatic "no." New statistics from University of Utah family and consumer studies professor Nicholas Wolfinger say that the risk of divorce is 50 percent higher among couples where one spouse is a child of divorced parents -- and 200 percent higher when both are. Plus, children of divorce are also 50 percent likelier to marry another child of divorce.

States Seeking New Strategies to Improve Child Support Collection

Facing unprecedented levels of unpaid child support, many states are seeking new methods for improving child support collection. Several states, for example, are going after casino winnings as a source of income from which to collect.

Social Networking Sites Creating Issues for Georgia Divorces

Social media sites are great ways for people to connect with old friends and even make new ones. With attracting over 600,000 new users each day, these sites are popular places for individuals worldwide to share their ideas, collaborate with colleagues and even create or maintain romantic relationships. But are people providing too much information on their profiles, some attorneys say yes.

Facebook Statuses Changing Status Quo of Divorce Process

According to Georgia's The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Facebook and other social networking sites have become more than leisurely pastimes. As it turns out, those status updates everyone is constantly sharing with their friends and family could come back to haunt them during a divorce or custody dispute.

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