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What to do when seeking a child support modification

Statistically speaking, half of American marriages will not make it "till death do us part." Yet a marriage is not something that can be dissolved overnight. Factors such as child support, property division and spousal maintenance have often prolonged divorce for Georgia residents, even after finalization. Perhaps one of the most frequently changing aspects of divorce is child support. As life goes on, several factors may change the circumstances of an original child support agreement.

Avoiding divorce mistakes: Getting a good attorney at the outset

A recent media opinion piece by a family mediator focuses on the dissolution experience, noting that it is easy to make material mistakes and be undermined in the divorce process in the absence of cultivating an initial focus and some rational planning decisions at the outset.

Paternal rights matter to Atlanta fathers

Over the last 100 years, divorce patterns have drastically changed in America. With the national divorce rate at 50 percent, many Atlanta residents have gone through the often somber process of divorce. Perhaps one of the most daunting statistics to emerge is that 15 percent of all US women are divorced, compared to the early 1920s, where less than one percent of the female population were divorced. With the divorce rate on the rise, women are also the majority who file for divorce. In fact, women file more than two-thirds of all divorces. In today's society, many men have felt that they got the short end of the divorce stick, especially when it comes to child custody.

Divorce mediation: the road to post divorce happiness?

Nobody ever plans to get divorced during marriage. Several individuals may take precautions such as signing a prenuptial agreement but hope to never use it. The idea of divorce may haunt several Atlanta residents during marriage and even make its way into arguments but most people tend to avoid the dissolution of marriage. But for 50 percent of the married population, divorce may be inevitable. Each year countless American couples will go through divorce. While this process is generally pretty miserable, there are ways to go about it that eventually lead to happiness.

Allen Iverson pays child support to avoid jail

With half of all US marriages reportedly ending in divorce, many Fulton County residents will go through the process at some point in their lives. Child support is often a product of divorce. All around the nation, countless individuals are required by law to pay child support. The problem is that many of them do not pay it, leaving their children without financial aid. Child support is designed to help the custodial parent with the economic needs of a child. Failure to pay child support can potentially end in jail time. Former basketball star Allen Iverson was recently left with an ultimatum, pay child support or go to jail.

Mom and daughter trapped in South America after custody dispute

Children are easily one of the most important aspects to a parent's life. Most Georgia parents will put their children at the top of their priority list and do anything they can to help insure they have a good life. But when factors such as divorce present themselves to a child's life, many parents fear losing custody of their children. Some folks will act in the extreme and attempt to flee the country with their child. Recently a mother and daughter found themselves trapped in South America after an international custody dispute.

The house and divorce: generally, the biggest asset to deal with

For many divorcing parties across the United States, and certainly in Georgia, property division is a key consideration during the dissolution process. That is especially true for marriages of tenure, that is, those that have lasted for a number of years, thus allowing for a couple’s accretion of substantial and different types of assets. And, of course, the division of assets is always a key feature in high-asset divorce proceedings.

Postnuptial agreements gaining favor in many high-asset divorces

In recent years, marital contracts have emerged with greater clarity in the American divorce landscape in Georgia and nationally, with both prenuptial agreements and, to a lesser degree, post-nuptial agreements being increasingly recognized as instruments that can effectively identify and provide for the security of significant assets.

How long am I required to pay child support?

In Georgia, child support is paid pursuant to statute until a child is 18 years of age or 20 years of age if the child is enrolled in secondary school (meaning high school) full time. So, child support stops at age 18 if the child has graduated from high school, dropped out of high school or is only attending high school part time. Once the child turns 20 years of age, child support stops regardless of whether they are going to high school or not.

New research focuses on dads, especially single fathers

The Pew Research Center is a widely known nonpartisan fact-gathering organization based in Washington, D.C., that is broadly viewed as authoritative on information it releases pursuant to polling and research on many issues important in American life.

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