In a child custody case, judges take note of virtually every activity that involves children, whether at home or school. If you are faced with this issue during divorce, staying involved in your children’s daily routine will not go unnoticed.

A judge will be interested in testimony from teachers and others who see your children daily. It is not uncommon for teachers to be called upon to testify in custody cases. The information they lend helps judges better understand which parent is more involved in a child’s life. Parents should remain as active as possible in a child’s education and daily routine, since it is a weighted factor in a custody decision.

Know your child’s teacher and visit with him or her to stay informed about your child’s progress at school. Make sure the teacher knows you take advantage of every visitation time. Most Georgia schools allow field trips or lunch periods where parents can attend. The idea that you are involved in your child’s educational process will be remembered by teachers.

Make sure your child brings along school work or homework during your scheduled visitation for your review. Sign or initial paperwork for teachers to see. Volunteer for academic and sports activities in an effort to stay involved.

A divorce does not mean you can’t be a part of your child’s life, even though you live apart. Every activity you participate in with your children will be of benefit to them, but it could also provide a judge with the evidence you may need to prove your continuing involvement.

Source: Huffington Post, “Want custody of your kids? Get involved with their school!,” Joseph E. Cordell, March 8, 2012