Ken Solin, the author of a book on men, parenting and fatherhood entitled “Act Like a Man,” recently wrote an article in which he discussed a dad’s role following divorce and fathers’ rights in general.

Although Solin notes that shared custody and more liberal visitation rights have become increasingly commonplace for more men across the country in recent years, he notes just as strongly that many dads still feel overwhelmed and comparatively unprotected in the judicial arena when divorce and kids are involved.

Solin states that, “It takes two people to make a marriage work and two to destroy it,” and that while arguments can be made concerning blame in every marriage breakdown, what remains of constant importance is that both parents play a strong and active role in their children’s lives post-divorce.

He maintains that courts still, and often, don’t see it that way, “operating instead from a 1950s paradigm in which fathers were considered breadwinners with little hands-on parental input.”

Solin is a strong supporter of a shared custodial and financial arrangement between the parents in virtually every divorce, stating that it is most advantageous for the children.

In Georgia, a well-intentioned and loving father should contact an experienced divorce attorney to ensure that all important divorce-related concerns are addressed and equitably dealt with.

That includes child custody and visitation matters, as well as issues such as child support (where men sometimes feel especially helpless and vulnerable) and alimony.

Source: Huffington Post, “Divorced dads deserve better” Ken Solin, Jan. 4, 2012