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Reflection: October is domestic violence awareness month

| Oct 11, 2011 | Divorce |

October is domestic violence awareness month across the country, and it is certainly worthwhile to take a moment to focus on this longstanding and troubling issue and the role it often plays in divorce.

Domestic abuse is the root cause of many divorces across the United States, with Georgia certainly not being an exception.

Statistics compiled by state officials tell a sobering tale regarding the nature and magnitude of violence within some families and the sometimes tragic effects that result when timely intervention is lacking.

The Georgia Governor’s Office for Children and Families issues an annual report entitled Georgia Family Violence and Sexual Assault Statistics. The most recent survey is from 2010. Following are some central findings.

Domestic violence is perennially one of the leading causes of injuries for spouses in a marriage, predominantly featuring female victims and male perpetrators. Georgia ranks 14th among all states for incidents of domestic abuse that result in the death of a female partner.

In 2008, the most recent year for which statistics are available, there were 111 fatalities in Georgia attributed to domestic violence. Nearly 77,000 crisis calls were made to certified domestic violence agencies, along with nearly 180,000 referrals to social service agencies.

If you are a resident of Northern Georgia — female or male — who is being victimized by domestic violence in your marriage or relationship, contact an experienced Georgia family law office for answers and immediate assistance.

Related Resource: Georgia Governor’s Office for Children and Families, “2010 Georgia Family Violence and Sexual Assault Statistics Report” 2010 calendar year compilation

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