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The Siemon Law Firm is one of Georgia's leading and most respected Family Law Firms. Unlike most firms, we focus exclusively on Family Law. We have always offered comprehensive, full service representation for our clients while we assist them through complex divorce and child custody litigation. While there is clearly an advantage to having a lawyer by your side throughout the process, we understand that not everyone can afford to pay a substantial initial retainer in order to begin traditional representation with our firm.

As we have seen over and over, this leaves a large number of people with important Family Law issues without any guidance or support during these trying times in their lives. The Siemon Law Firm's Lawyer Access Project is aimed at filling the gap between full service traditional legal representation and having to go into these important, life changing situations without any assistance, often leading to unfortunate outcomes.

What sets our Lawyer Access Project apart from many websites that simply offer generic documents for sale, is that we are offering not only documents crafted with our state specific knowledge, but most importantly, access to our staff of unmatched family law lawyers. We created The Lawyer Access Project as a way to give back to our community by reaching a large segment of the population that needs, but cannot afford, access to Family law specific lawyers at a significantly reduced cost.

Each package is only $199.00 and includes the basic documents tailored to your specific situation and a half-hour phone call with an attorney at TSLF to answer all your questions and assist with completing the documents. If you feel you need more attorney time throughout your case, you can purchase telephone calls as-needed in half-hour blocks at the rate of $150.00.

The advantages of the Lawyer Access Project are the reduced legal fees and access to the guidance of an established family law firm throughout the process. The disadvantage is that you will be proceeding through your case unrepresented, or pro se. However, if you cannot afford to retain an attorney, then the Lawyer Access Project is the next best thing. If at any time during your case, you feel that you are in need of full-service representation, you are welcome to retain TSLF for our traditional global representation services.

The Siemon Law Firm's Lawyer Access Project is as Easy as One-Two-Three:

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Since you will be talking directly to one of our family law lawyers, we must make sure we have not previously spoken to the opposing party in your case, thereby creating a conflict of interest. To check for any potential conflict, we will need your full legal name and the full legal name of the opposing party, including any previous names that either of you have ever been known. This conflict check may take up to one business day to complete.


To enter a credit card number, and pay for the specific package that you have chosen, click here, your credit card will not be charged until after we have performed the conflict check from step two above. Once we have made certain that no conflict exists we will charge your card only for the package that you have chosen and then you will immediately receive an e-mail link to your documents as well as the date and time for your scheduled consultation with a TSLF lawyer. If you do not have access to a credit card or would prefer to pay by cash or check you are welcome to pay in person at one of our Three convenient locations: Cumming, Buckhead, or Alpharetta. Our Buckhead location has easy access to Marta.

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