Creating A Stable Future

The details of your divorce settlement will have a significant impact on your future. This includes how much time you spend with your children and your financial stability. From our offices in Alpharetta, Atlanta and Cumming, Georgia, we will:

Protect your future:
Each client has different goals. We will determine your divorce goals and work to ensure your future security and the security of your family.

Investigate your spouse's activities:
We will work with private investigators so we can develop your case and defend your interests.

Negotiate effectively and litigate aggressively:
Our attorneys are dynamic negotiators and litigators who will work diligently to help you reach your goals.

Protect your privacy:
Divorce is difficult enough without the media involved. If needed, we will strive to shield you from unwarranted media coverage.

We Know What Is At Stake

When the future of your family is at stake in a divorce, you need attorneys who take your concerns as seriously as you do. The distinguishing characteristic of the Siemon Law Firm is the depth to which our lawyers are committed to our clients. We will listen carefully to your concerns and goals. To schedule a consultation with one of our lawyers, call 833-827-4513.