Adoption Lawyers In Alpharetta, Atlanta And Cumming, Georgia

Adoption is one of the rare times in family law where everyone can leave the courthouse happy. At The Siemon Law Firm, our adoption lawyers will help you face the complex legal requirements and extensive documentation associated with adoption, so you can focus on the joy of bringing a new person into your family.

Stepparent Adoption Attorney For Cumming And Fulton County

No matter where you reside in northern Georgia, you can contact our adoption attorneys for a consultation about your legal rights and options. We are prepared to advise and represent you as you pursue:

  • A private or agency-assisted adoption, whether local, interstate or international
  • A stepparent, grandparent, relative or foster parent adoption
  • A contest to an adoption or termination of parental rights

In-Family Or Private Adoptions — Answers To Your Questions About Custody

As long-standing, respected family law attorneys, we understand relevant adoption laws whether your needs involve adoption of a stepchild, adoption of a foster child or some other scenario such as a dispute between parents or other family members over child custody and visitation, including situations involving grandparent rights.

These situations can arise due to questions over the fitness of a parent, suspicion or knowledge of family violence or drug abuse in the home, neglect, or abandonment. You can depend on us to handle your case with sensitivity and readiness to take decisive legal action.

The Adoption Termination Process For Stepparents

Stepparent adoptions are sometimes called "adoption terminations" because the rights of biological parent must first be terminated before the stepparent can adopt. Because the biological parent's rights must be fully terminated, stepparent adoptions are usually only appropriate when the biological parent is no longer involved in the child's life.

The termination of the biological parent's rights can be voluntary or involuntary. Our lawyers are prepared to guide you through the termination process. Once the biological parent's rights are terminated, he or she would not be responsible for paying child support.

Home Investigations And Stepparent Adoptions

In Georgia, you may not be required to have a home investigation if you are the child's stepparent. The judge will decide whether to send anyone to your home.

Once the adoption is complete, our lawyers can assist you with name change and updating the child's birth certificate to list you as the parent.

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In all situations, our approach is to begin with a thorough consultation to assess your personal circumstances and goals. We are honest and forthright when discussing the likelihood of success, potential complications and approximate total costs. To speak to an adoption lawyer in Alpharetta, Cumming or Atlanta, please contact us today at 770-888-5120.