Things to Consider When Getting a Divorce

You have thought about filing for divorce in Georgia. Now what? Every spouse who is considering for divorce should make sure that he or she has considered a few items along with obtaining an experienced Georgia divorce attorney to handle his or her legal issues. Even if you believe your case will quickly settle or there is no way you would ever need an attorney — think again.

We have seen time and time again clients who come to us, already in the process of a divorce but faced with an unexpected conflict. Having a divorce lawyer right from the start who understands your personal issues and the facts surrounding your case is only to your benefit and advantage.

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Thinking About Getting a Divorce? Here Are Some Things to Consider:

  1. Fault Does Not Matter: Unfortunately, even if your soon-to-be former spouse was at fault for causing your divorce such as committing adultery, that is not an issue in a divorce. Georgia is a no-fault state, which means fault is a non-issue.
  2. Settlement Is Most Likely: While every divorce case is different and some may even have to go to litigation if it is that contentious, almost all divorce cases result in a settlement agreement. This is most beneficial to all parties involved as it is more efficient and cost-effective.
  3. Understand Your Spouse's and Your Family's Finances Now: Especially when it comes to property division, having a clear understanding of where your assets and debts are at before divorce proceedings start is very important. Even if you trust your spouse and believe things are amicable it is always better to be safe than sorry. There are situations of hidden assets — don't let that be yours.
  4. Build Your Credit: A credit score is the key to any person's financial future. Your spouse's credit score will no longer be yours to latch onto. Make sure that you have a good credit score or start building toward a better one immediately.
  5. Consider Where You Will Live: While you should stay in your marital home until any decisions are actually made, it is a good idea to at least start thinking about where you would live if you do end up having to sell the marital home or move elsewhere.

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