Social Media and Divorce

Posting The Evidence Of Adultery

Most states are no-fault states, meaning that adultery is not a factor the courts take into account during divorce. Georgia, however, is different. Evidence of infidelity can have a major impact on how the courts rule in a divorce case, and social media accounts are often a prime mine of such evidence.

At The Siemon Law Firm, we have seen Facebook posts play a role in nearly a third of all the divorce cases we handle. Then there are the other social media sites, like Vine, Instagram and Snapchat, each outlet leaving a chronological trail of photographic or video evidence of infidelity. Texting and Twitter can also provide evidence of an extramarital affair. According to a 2010 study by the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers, social media websites contribute evidence to a significant number of divorce cases every year.

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Online Information Is Not As Private As You Think

Although people tend to think of their online accounts as protected and private, the truth is that such "private" information can easily become part of an official court record. Deleting a post doesn't necessarily erase that post, as someone could have taken a screen shot while it was still up. This is true even for Snapchat, the app wherein the sent photo self-destructs after a number of seconds.

Even if you've blocked your spouse on social media, mutual friends could serve as a conduit of information, informing either party what the other has been posting. This information could significantly affect a divorce, if for example, one person is claiming to be broke, but then posts pictures of a lavish purchase or a trip with a new significant other.

If you are getting a divorce, it is important to exercise great care to make your posts as private as possible, and to refrain from posting anything on any site that you wouldn't want the whole world to see.

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