Divorce and Facebook

How Facebook Can Affect Your Divorce

What you do or say online can be used against you in a divorce, especially in a fault grounds state such as Georgia. Facebook pages are an issue in almost a third of the divorce cases we handle at The Siemon Law Firm.

A typical scenario is this: What begins as a friend request from an old flame leads to an exchange of e-mails, a lunch meeting and eventually an extramarital affair. In the past, the aggrieved spouse may have hired a private detective to take pictures of the alleged infidelity. Today, many people take their own pictures and post them on their Facebook pages.

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Isn't My Facebook Account Private?

Many people assume that what they do or say online is private, protected by logins and personal passwords. When it comes to a divorce case, however, private information can quickly become part of a court record. Today it's routine for divorce attorneys to request Facebook login information as a part of discovery and to print out the last 100 pages from the person's account.

If your account contains evidence of an extramarital affair, your spouse can file for divorce using the fault ground of adultery. While a spouse's behavior will not affect a divorce settlement in many states, it can in Georgia:

  • You are not entitled to alimony in Georgia if you committed adultery.
  • If you were at fault for the breakup of the marriage, the judge can award your spouse a greater share of marital property.
  • If you have children, your behavior can affect your child custody and visitation rights.

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